V-Academy: For Coaches to Reach Their Personal Best

We’re excited to announce the launch of V-Academy! Many of you know that Viveka is invested in supporting coaches to reach their full potential.  We have been doing this through our software, V-Coach, through connecting you with new individual and corporate clients and now through specific knowledge exchange designed to help you reach your personal best by strengthening and scaling your core practice.With that in mind, we’ve designed a 5-part course led by renowned entrepreneur and coach, Nina Venturella.

Learning and Development: Rethink, Reskill, Resurgence

As workplaces around the world get back to their “new normal,” HR departments are assessing the massive shifts their companies have gone through over the past two years. There’s the pandemic, increasing issues around diversity and race, cross-generational employee reskilling, digital transformation, mental health and wellbeing, and effective leadership – these are just a few of the issues on CHROs desks. It’s no surprise why learning and development (L&D) has now become the epicenter and driving force for organizational performance and growth.

The Great Transition: Quantum Shifts are Upon Us

AJ Maxwell, CHRO at Viveka, shares his perspective on a variety of topics including talent, leadership, organization and culture. More to come at a free webinar event on March 16th.

Having worked with a wide range of businesses from multinational technology companies to nimble startups, I see one universal truth: it’s about people.  This is where the work gets done, and taking care of them should be the primary focus of any company or organization.  Listening, developing adaptability and empathy are the building blocks to creating an overall sense of harmony – or company culture – among your employees.  Adapting policy to your internal company culture allows even more commitment from your employees and overall organizational alignment.  So, why do so few people practice this?

What is the IQ of Your Company?

Viveka CEO, Katja Kempe, will be speaking at this is a day-long, “digitally mediated” event focused on America’s future and its influence on the rest of the world post-COVID. The panel will explore how companies are poised to deliver exponential growth to defend their market position, increase their market share as well as valuations and please all stakeholders, whether these are shareholders, investors, clients, employees, laws, ecosystem rules, UN Sustainable Development Goals. Scaling up is when the rubber hits the road and theories meet practice.

AI-enabled Coaching Helps Connect the Dots on ROI

The coaching industry, which is already in a tremendous growth phase, is gathering greater momentum as corporations in the U.S. and around the world continue to restructure how they work.  Recent trends show that digital transformation is happening across all corners of human resources departments – from payroll to benefits programs to learning and development.  Automation and AI are nudging these functions closer together so that employees can be managed more holistically, as one function “speaks” to and informs the other. 

Managing Employee Training and Performance Amidst “The Great Resignation”

HR departments are looking to retain and reinvigorate top talent in the midst of “The Great Resignation,” a phenomenon seeing a record number of workers leaving their jobs or changing careers completely.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as of May 2021, close to 4 million people had quit their jobs while 9-plus million jobs were available.  Driven by economic changes spurred by COVID-19, PwC’s 2021 U.S. Pulse Survey says 65% of employees are looking for a new job and 88% of executives are seeing higher turnover.  

Digital Transformation in the Workplace

Like so many things, we’ve been reminded over the past year how critical digital innovation and automation is to a global economy.  We increasingly see its application even in the most unexpected industries, like food and beverage, to the more common ones — such as manufacturing, engineering, and logistics.  Whether you’re a shipping company using machine learning to streamline delivery fulfillment or a basketball team developing complex algorithms to evaluate players and prospects, digital transformation is becoming an essential element of change management and organizational success.

Well-being in the Workplace is Quickly Becoming a Mandate

As a result of the last 18 months, employees and companies are changing how they view the workplace and what it means to them.  Work-from-home mandates spurred by the pandemic have forced even the most traditional companies to reconsider the role of an office, leadership, how to build teams and manage performance.  Like every unintended consequence, there are opportunities and challenges in making this brave new world work as good or even better than before.  

Mentor to Coach: The Leadership Journey in Emerging Environments

What begins as an interest to help and nurture often leads to a career of leading others towards excellence.  The differentiator?  A great leader.  While there is no perfect leader, the making of a great one includes basic skills and traits that are delicately balanced and perfected over time.  The journey usually starts as an expert, then progresses to mentorship and ultimately to coaching, where an individual client or team is guided to grow into the best version of themselves.  So, what are the fundamental qualities of each and where do you fit in?

Economic Recovery and Getting Back to Work Post-COVID

We all know by now the effect COVID has had on the world economy, with immediate impacts that will likely be felt for years to come.  Governments, major corporations and especially small businesses significantly slowed operations, if not came to a complete pause. 

By CNN’s estimate, the United States economy was operating at just 57.3% of its February 2020 capacity on April 15th.  Just over a year later, we’re seeing  light at the end of the tunnel with economies getting back to full speed, thanks in large part to widespread vaccinations and also a returning sense of normalcy.

8 Stellar Reasons To Become An Executive Coach

Behind every successful leader, there is a force that propels them ahead. 9 out of 10 times, it is an executive coach operating behind the scenes. An executive coach is someone who specializes in training and developing business leaders. They are ruthlessly result-oriented and make people see what they can ‘become’ rather than what they ‘are’ today. As a coach, you share your success and failure with executives to help them steer tricky situations in their professional lives.

The Future Of Work

The gig economy – composed of independent short-term, freelance or contract workers – has seen a steady rise in the United States over the last number of years followed by an abrupt acceleration due to the recent pandemic.

What first comes to mind is your local Uber driver or Deliveroo Riders, and then specialists like journalists, copywriters, and CPAs. But, recent data shows that a paradigm shift is happening all the way to the C-level where CEOs or on-demand CIOs are hired for periods of time to accomplish specific objectives.

The Ultimate Guide for Boosting Your Visibility as An Executive Coach

Are you a career coach that is finding it a bit challenging to get the attention of the type of clients you want? 

Perhaps, you’ve written a book, taken on speaking engagements, or spent money on ads but it seems that all your efforts aren’t working out. 

Is there anything you can do to boost your visibility as an executive coach?

7 Easy Ways To Generate Leads For Your Executive Coaching Business

Executive coaching is often extremely rewarding for both you and your clients. Your clients can use the skills they learn in your coaching sessions to build company morale, become more confident leaders, and accomplish their business goals.

As for you and your fellow executive coaches, you may reap many rewards as well. Not only do you get the joy of seeing the tangible differences that you make in your clients’ lives, but executive coaching can also be very lucrative.

A five-step formula on how to get more executive coaching clients

Often wrongly used interchangeably with career and leadership coaching, executive coaching can trace its origins as far back as the 1980’s. It is defined as a client-driven partnership between a coach and senior leaders or managers within an organization (a director, member of the C-suite, president, or vice-president). It is a creative and thought-provoking process that motivates them to boost their personal and professional potential.

Grow Your Executive Coaching Income Beyond 6 Figures With These 4 Tricks

If you’ve been an executive coach for some time, but you’re looking to make more money, then you’re in the right place.

According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary of an executive coach in the United States is $135,042. The question is, are you making that much? Or are you struggling to make money as a coach?

6 Things To Know Before You Hire An Executive Coach

If you look closely at the greatest athletes of all time, you’ll see they had an even better coach. Behind Muhammad Ali was Angelo Dundee. Behind Venus and Serena Williams was their father, Richard Williams. Behind Michael Phelps was Bob Bowman. Each of these athletes wouldn’t have been as successful as they became without the help of a great coach.

Executive Coaching Costs: How Much Should You Pay?

Executive coaching has, over the years, continued to gain increasing popularity in modern business, and for good reasons too. Executive coaching helps you push harder and work towards overcoming challenges in your career. So, seeking the help of a professional executive coach is a step in the right direction if you are looking to place yourself at a higher level in your career or increase performance.

10 Tips To Attract Your First Executive  Coaching Client

“Want To Learn How I Built My 7-Figure Business Right From The Scratch? Buy One Of My Premium Coaching Packages To Learn How.”

Chances are that you might have already come across such posts from some of the well-established bloggers out there. Don’t we all want our lives to be happier, with, of course, thousands of dollars in our bank accounts?