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The Ultimate Guide for Boosting Your Visibility as An Executive Coach

Are you a career coach that is finding it a bit challenging to get the attention of the type of clients you want? 

Perhaps, you’ve written a book, taken on speaking engagements, or spent money on ads but it seems that all your efforts aren’t working out.

Is there anything you can do to boost your visibility as an executive coach?

The good news is yes. There are several things you can do to garner that much-needed attention from your target audience. It’s not all about placing your business in front of the masses. It’s about positioning your business in front of the right audience.

How to get clients as a coach is not rocket science. However, you need to master a few things or you will keep going around in circles with nothing to show for your efforts.

So, here are some of the steps you should consider when it comes to boosting your visibility as an executive coach:

Live Streaming

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn & Instagram all offer opportunities to Live Stream relevant content to your prospects. This is a free way to connect with your target audience, and the perfect way to substantiate your credibility while reaching more people

And to garner even more attention from a broader, ultra-targeted audience, you can pay to boost your live stream on your business page on most platforms. That is a perfect way to maximize your reach.


Videos is “in” and its popularity will continue to grow. You can create videos where you share valuable tips as a career coach. Simply pick and teach a “how-to” topic and let the camera roll.

You will need a good camera, a tripod, and a room with sufficient sunlight. For props, you may consider a whiteboard with a marker to add to your points as you teach. Alternatively, a good smartphone with a great camera can do the job as well.

But what if you are camera-shy? That is not a problem. You can subscribe to some of the leading animation platforms or use PowerPoint slides in combination with Screencast-o-Matic to share your message. The latter is online software that records your computer screen as you talk over a microphone that is connected to your computer. Lumen5 is another excellent option for bloggers or writers.

Another popular option is to create a YouTube channel and upload your videos onto the platform. Do not forget to share those videos on your Facebook business page, Instagram TV, and via your newsletters. Distributing your video content through multiple channels is key.

Radio Talk Shows

According to in-depth research, radio talk shows are still great for visibility and growing an audience. For instance, the Blogtalk radio site reaches more than 46 million Americans each week, and get at least 24 million listens every month.

This is an indication that radio – especially online radio – is not going away any time soon. Your audience gets to listen live to your radio talk show, and you can open the phone lines so that they can join the conversation.

Facebook Groups

A simple way to boost your visibility is to create an ultra-targeted Facebook group. “Ultra-targeted” in the sense that only the people who are interested in working with you as a career coach will be admitted into such groups.

And if you are wondering, “Why Facebook groups?” you should know that Facebook groups continue to grow in popularity. The network recently announced a focus on expanding the use of groups to help build strong online communities. That should tell you how powerful a Facebook group can be, especially if your objective is to build a community of like-minded individuals.

Facebook groups can be somewhat tricky. Nevertheless, if you read and follow their guidelines, you will not only end up building authentic relationships with your followers but also secure their loyalty for life.

Leverage the Power of Social Media Platforms

This is the era of mobile devices and social media platforms. If you leverage the power of social, you will always have a list of prospects who are interested in working with you as a career coach.

But first of all, you need to do it the right way. This is not about spamming Facebook groups or blasting people’s inboxes with promotional messages from chatbots. That no longer works and might alienate your audience.

Additionally, using all the known social media platforms out there without any concrete plan can stretch you thin. Without focus, you won’t have the clarity to achieve your desired goals. That can make it more difficult to get leads or quality clients for your business.

What should you do instead? Pick one – or at most two – social media platforms, and master them thoroughly.


Some people may be too busy to watch videos or have to drive during rush hour. For such individuals, podcasts are the perfect way to reach them.

Some individuals also prefer listening to their favorite authors, entrepreneurs, and even celebrities. And since podcasters always need guests to boost their work, you could be the perfect one to sit in the hot seat.

Go online and search for podcasts in your area of expertise or niche. Then, start making a list of all the podcasts that you can pitch yourself to be featured in.

You may get a few no’s, but that will only lead you closer to a yes. If one podcaster rejects your request, thank them and cross them off your list. Then, move onto the next one. If you did your research well, you will find a couple of podcasters in your area who would love to feature you in their upcoming episodes.

However, if you are the daring type, creating and hosting your own podcast is not a bad idea at all. You need to be inspired, but nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.  And to boost your visibility as an executive coach faster, you should start helping other professionals by making them more visible. You will be noticed in no time at all, and soon be on your way to stardom.


Webinars, live streaming, and videos appear as if they belong to the same category. That may be the case, but they are distinctly powerful media to pass your message across to your target audience.

Webinars are great ways to share value or your story as well as guide your targeted listeners to take a crucial step, which could be signing up for your newsletters or participating in the next coaching program.

Webinars can be live or pre-recorded, but the effects are typically the same. No matter who participates in your webinar, a handful of individuals will typically take action.


Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms. Though it’s not for everyone, if you find your crowd the potential for real and authentic engagement is through the roof.

You can leverage the power of hashtags as you try to convey your message. Trending topics on Twitter have hashtags; so, create a memorable one for your business, and don’t hesitate to throw your hashtags into the mix.

You can create value-loaded “threads,” comment on influencers’ posts, and be generally friendly. If you are lucky and your hashtag starts trending, you will get much attention, which you can utilize to your advantage.

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Boosting your visibility as an executive coach is not going to be a walk in the park. But with dedication, hard work, and persistence, you will break through the ranks and emerge victoriously.

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