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The Future Of Work

The gig economy – composed of independent short-term, freelance or contract workers – has seen a steady rise in the United States over the last number of years followed by an abrupt acceleration due to the recent pandemic.

What first comes to mind is your local Uber driver or Deliveroo Riders, and then specialists like journalists, copywriters, and CPAs. But, recent data shows that a paradigm shift is happening all the way to the C-level where CEOs or on-demand CIOs are hired for periods of time to accomplish specific objectives.

The rise of gig workers is partly due to systemic economic shifts, as well as to the inherent benefits of this type of employment. There’s the empowerment of being your own boss and choosing work that matters to you. Moreover, people are drawn to the flexibility of the gig economy and how it allows them to achieve a greater work-life balance. It’s not only “employees” who benefit, but also employers. They get access to high-quality talent “on-demand” and as needed for specific tasks. This structure clearly reduces (at least in the short term) hiring costs and provides agility in meeting business and human resource needs.

Source: Edison Research

By all accounts, the gig economy is here to stay and workers across the spectrum will actively find new ways to adapt – or be forced to do it. Especially if someone is in a period of life or career transition, this working structure presents more opportunities than challenges as work would be more accessible and the hiring process less tedious. People across the spectrum may need new types of training to navigate this changing structure. As a result, we predict that the following coaching categories will continue to grow in demand:

– Executive Coaching
– Wellbeing Coaching
– Performance Coaching

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or at the C-level and find yourself needing to dive into the gig economy, Viveka can help. Connect with one of Viveka’s experts to find out how.

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