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What is the IQ of Your Company?

Viveka CEO Katja Kempe speaks at Horasis event on March 4, 2022

Viveka CEO, Katja Kempe, will participate in a panel conversation on March 4 alongside:

This is a day-long, “digitally mediated” event focused on America’s future and its influence on the rest of the world post-COVID. The panel will explore how companies are poised to deliver exponential growth to defend their market position, increase their market share as well as valuations and please all stakeholders, whether these are shareholders, investors, clients, employees, laws, ecosystem rules, UN Sustainable Development Goals. Scaling up is when the rubber hits the road and theories meet practice. Ongoing value creation is the key to delivering on a firm’s purpose and mission. How can companies assess, develop and apply their IQs to make things happen, track their progress, and evolve to keep winning?

Horasis is a global visions community committed to inspiring our future. In the 15 years of its existence, Horasis’ summits have become some of the most influential high-level global gatherings which every year bring together governments, international organizations, and the business community to offer solutions to global challenges. In addition to the Horasis Global Meeting, Horasis hosts regional summits with a focus on the USA, China, India, and South East Asia.

Register for the meeting here.

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